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1. Smart Manufacturing Processes / DME3068

Smart Manufacturing Process is a subject of mechanical manufacturing based on materials property and knowledge. In this class, basic manufacturing processes such as casting, forming, joining, and machining are discussed which can be expanded to various industries where autonomous production is possible, such as semiconductors, automobiles, and shipbuilding.


2. Linear Algebra and Its Applications / DME2060

Modern engineering problems use computer simulation techniques as solutions, and most of these computational solvers are based on linear algebra.  This lecture will provide the concepts of linear equations and their solutions, properties of matrices and vectors, linear independence, basis, eigenvalue and eigenvector.

Linear Algebra.png

3. Introduction to Smart Manufacturing / DME1003

This class discusses an introduction to the 4th industrial generation and smart manufacturing. The main objective of learning this class is to study the importance of knowledge-fusion and basic concepts of IoT, cloud, big data, AI, virtual environments, and machine tools for smart manufacturing. Students can improve their understanding and knowledge of smart manufacturing by connecting team-based experience and in class education.

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4. Mechanical Engineering Design Project / MEE4086

In this class, creative research will be conducted based on the overall major knowledge of mechanical engineering. First, through literature study, research background will be searched, and engineering problem-solving ability based on hypotheses will be cultivated. This class aims to nurture the talents needed in society, academia, and industry through student-led research.

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