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1. Energy Storage & Conversion

Energy is essential for human life. The form of the energy and how we generate it will affect the conversion/storage efficiencies and eco-friendliness.

The knowledge of electrochemical energy devices, including Fuel Cells & Batteries, will benefit the upcoming electrified society. We explore the energy devices from the materials'  point of view to the structural integrity of the system level.


2. Clean Energy & Sustainability

CO2-free & electrified world is a promising future energy society. We employ Appropriate Technology (AT) for environmental-friendly materials and devices. The low-cost, but highly effective approaches will help us to reduce CO2 & pollutants while providing sustainability.

By combining the fundamentals of mechanical and materials engineering, we aim to develop devices for Clean Energy & Sustainability.


3. Materials for Better World

Materials design can be highly challenging considering a variety of different combinations and compositions. Therefore, a comprehensive method to screen the materials will be important in future technology.

We will develop a model that takes advantage of modeling, simulation, and experimental verification for innovative materials design & discovery.

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